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What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology is like the science behind how your body reacts when you move around or exercise. It's all about understanding what happens inside you when you're active. Imagine you're going for a run: exercise physiology would look at things like how your heart beats faster to pump more blood, how your muscles use oxygen to keep going, and even how your body temperature rises to keep you from overheating.
Basically, it's about figuring out how your body works when you're on the move and how to make it work better through exercise.
Exercise physiology

How Can Our Exercise Physiologists help?

Tailored Exercise Programs

Whether it's improving mobility, managing pain, or increasing strength, we can create a personalised plan that works for you.

Managing Chronic Conditions

Our Exercise physiologists can help manage conditions through targeted exercise interventions. For example, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or musculoskeletal disorders.


Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury, or managing a medical condition, our tailored rehabilitation programs support your journey to recovery.

Pain Management

We can incorporate pain management strategies into your rehabilitation programs, such as targeted exercises, stretching, and relaxation techniques, to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility.

Reach your NDIS goals

We can assist in restoring your ability to perform everyday tasks and activities for independent living and participation in daily activities.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Restore functional movement patterns and biomechanics through targeted exercises and drills. Regain your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination after an injury.


Our Exercise physiologists conduct assessments identify potential risk factors for injuries, such as muscle imbalances, weakness, poor flexibility, or biomechanical issues.

Education and Support

We provide guidance on proper exercise technique, injury prevention strategies, and lifestyle modifications for better outcomes and to promote long-term health and well-being.

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